AU's also known as AU, alternative timeline, alternate timeline, alternative reality, or alternate reality) is the occurrence of canonical facts about the setting or characterization of a particular fictional universe being explored in a non-canonical way.

Origin Edit

This AU started in episode 15 "Time in Universes" where the gang traveling in many universes. But something goes wrong,the remote says "error". There are many swap and etc' including cultural ones.

Au's Edit

  • Swaptale
  • Freshtale
  • and etc'

Chinese(Fan made) Edit

  • 元素故事(Elemental Tale)
  • 忍者故事(Ninja Tale)
  • 柔术故事(Jitsu Tale)
  • 武侠故事(Martial Tale)

Japanese(Fan made) Edit

  • ロータスガーデンの物語(東方の下)(Lotus Garden story(Under Touhou)
  • アニメ物語(Anime tale)
  • スピリットテイル(Sprite Tale)
  • 久米野テイル(Kumino Tale)

Hawaiian(Fan Made) Edit

  • Ke Akua(Under God)
  • Ke kuhikuhiʻimi(Way Finding Tale)
  • Paʻa ma lalo o Tidal(Under Tital)
  • Ma lalo o ka Mokupuni(Under Island)

Table of Cultural Au's Edit

Chinese(Fan made) Japanese(Fan made) Hawaiian(Fan Made)
元素故事(Elemental Tale) ロータスガーデンの物語(東方の下)(Lotus Garden story(Under Touhou) Ke Akua(Under God)
忍者故事(Ninja Tale) アニメ物語(Anime tale) Ke kuhikuhiʻimi(Way Finding Tale)
柔术故事(Jitsu Tale) スピリットテイル(Sprite Tale) Paʻa ma lalo o Tidal(Under Tital)
武侠故事(Martial Tale) 久米野テイル(Kumino Tale) Ma lalo o ka Mokupuni(Under Island)

Summary of total cultural Au's Edit

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