'Creepy "Dave' Mcintosh is one of Gaster Parks main characters along with Toad TateBobo Simon and Gasterblook(me).

South park creepy


​​​​​Creepy attends Freedom Elementary as part of Allan's Fourth Grade class (formerly Third). Stan's father Paul is a VGD, and his mother Kellen is a cook at Tasty Eaturnat. He briefly had a step-father in "Step Dad?,named Vincenton.

Catch Phrases and MannerismsEdit

Since its beginning, the series has had a running gag where when Creepy Jr is killed, Creepy will announce, "Oh my God, you/he/she/they/we killed Creepy Jr!" Toad will then respond: "You/that/those/we're bastard(s)!", or vice versa.

Creepy's often-used catchphrase during the early seasons was "Bro, this is pretty cruded up right here," which originated in the first X is for kisses short, though the profanity was censered out. In recent episodes however this catchphrase faded.

Creepy often groans, "Aw-awww!" when he's upset or in disbelief, which seems to be an inherited habit; his father does this sometimes as well. This is the same catchphrase Gasterblook(me) used in Ode to memes.


Creepy is mostly shown wearing a Dark green jacket with a green collar, a green hat with a green puffball and rim, and Green jeans. Under his jacket, he either wears a green and black baseball shirt or a  cyanT-shirt/v-neck. He also wears a green ROBLOX shirt to bed and a green suit for special occasions.


  • Creepy's name in Chinese is 爬行/異樣 which is prounced:Páxíng.
  • Creepy's username on Instagram is Creepy_Marsh which is actual his offical account:Creepy_Marsh
  • His username on Kingstagram is Creepythecooldude1828
  • His favorite word is Bro
  • His catchprase is "Hey Bro"
  • 'Hey bro' in Chinese and Japanese is “嗨!哥們儿” (Pronuoncation:“Hāi! Gēmen er”) and 「ヘイ・ブロ」(`Hei buro') and transation is "Hey! Buddy" and "Hey Broo"
  • His Middle name is Dave
  • Dave in Chinese is 戴夫/Dài fū
  • He was born on 2003,March 12th
  • His first word as a baby is "pew pew"(which is a refernce to Shawn) 
  • Pew pew in Chinese is 皮尤長凳/Pí yóu cháng dèng and translated back is Pew bench
  • Pew bench is another nickname given by Bobo in every shoing ride at Hollywood studios.
  • The resaon why he got Pew bench as a nickname is because he has 9999999 score on buzz lightyear space ranger spin 
  • Pew bench has 2 meanings: Pew is a sound when a player shoots the gun at a target and bench is a thing where ppl sit 
  • Pew bench in Jpan is ピューベンチ/Pyūbenchi
  • His last name "Mcintosh" in Chinese is マッキントッシュ/Makkintosshu
  • When Creepy meet Paige, Paige gave him  a nickname "Creeppai" and translated to chinese is クリッパイ/Kurippai.
  • Same as Bobo's illness diease, he had GSC/Green Skin Cancer.
  • Both BSC and GSC is not contagiousand not real, Creepy and Bobo tries to explain why do they have differnet color skin
  • He goes to sleep at 10:20
  • wakes up at 7:19
  • His IQ is 301(due to DNA of Paul and Kellen's IQ)
  • Favorite number is 21(due to meme 9 plus 10)
  • Fav. song is Friends and etc'
  • His nickname in "King of the Battle' is Creepy the Wizard of Magic
  • His class is Mage
  • His weapons of choice is:Wand,cards,and spell book
  • His nickname and class in "We and T" is ToolPlank plus clas is gadgeter
  • His weakness is cringe vidoes
  • His strength is capale of anything dangerous