GP:HR(Gasterpark:Heros Reunite) is the first movie that coming soon on youtube and plotagon. 


Creepy ,Bobo ,and Toad is bored and finding somethiing to play, but the news is on. The news reporter says that there is a Movieflex where the best movie franchese. So they have to come up a gerat movie franchese. Wiill they win or beaten up by the Guardians of Life?

Relase date:Edit

The date of this movie is not annouced yet. due to school.Edit


In Chinese dubs,The news reporter said "爆炸新聞" which is translated into:Explosion news.

In Japanese dubs,Toad says "みんな退屈" which translated into Everyone is bored

In spanish dubs, When "Gasterblook productions" show on the screen, but instead its shows "Producciones de Gasterblook"


"When 2 sides collide to win the prize,there can be only one" 

Is there profanity?Edit

Maybe, but at the end when creepy get mad and syas the Cr word.