Gaster Apple(ガスターアップル) is a parody of Bad Apple by Touhou.



I have been turning around so many times With my hatred alone, with a painful carousel Slowly forget, my heart begins to disappear And suddenly I can not stop freely, I know Slide down the dark eternal crack Just pain in my pain and numbness

Stan M:

Who I am, who I am

Uncertainty surrounding my mind

Until I can not break, and

Napsta blook: Maybe it's a dream. maybe nothing else is real

But if I tell you what I feel, it does not mean anything.


So I'm tired of all the pain, of the misery inside

And I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night

Obvious HD:

You can tell me what to say. You can tell me where to go

But I doubt it would interest me and my heart would never know

Lincoln Loud:

If I take action again, I won’t look back.

Because everything will change, everything will turn black

Program Stan:

Will he ever arrive tomorrow? Will I do it all night?

Will there ever be a place for the broken in the light?

Djimini The Great:

I am hurt? I'm sad? Should I stay or should I go?

I forgot how to say it. Did I ever know?

Ginger brave:

Can I take one more step? I did everything I could

All the people I see, I'll never understand

If I find a way to change if I go to the light

Then I will never be the same, and all this will disappear to white


I'm constantly rolling

Nothing but my hatred in the carousel swamps

I slowly forget, and my heart starts to disappear

And suddenly I see that I can not break - I

Resetting through the cracks of dark eternity

Nothing but my pain and paralysis agony


To tell me who I am, who I am

The uncertainty surrounding my mind

So I can not free myself, and


So I'm tired of all the pain of internal misery.

And i hope i can live

Cart men:

You can tell me what to say; Can you tell me where to go?

But I doubt I would care, and my heart would never know

Lori:If I make another step, there will be no more way back

Because everything will change, and everything will fade to black


If I do a second move if I take a second step

Then everything would break. I would not have anything left

Kyle B:

If I was crying in the wind, if I was crying in the night

Will there be a way? Will my heart return to white?

Fire Sprite Cookie:

Can you tell me who you are? Can you tell me where I am?

I forgot how to see; I forgot if I can


If I opened my eyes, I will not go back anymore

Gaster:I will let all go, all black in the dark.

characters in order:

  • Adaptable                          
  • Stan Marsh
  • Napstablook
  • Itward
  • Obvious HD
  • Lincoln Loud
  • Program Stan
  • Djimini the Great
  • GingerBrave
  • Epec
  • Hawkodile
  • Ginger Bright
  • Papyrus
  • Cartman
  • Lori L.
  • Homer
  • Kyle
  • Fire Sprite
  • Frisk
  • And gaster

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