Gasterblook(me)is a 21 yrs old and has short black hair. His first debut is 'Senpaige"and "Happily ever Before". Irl he is 12.

Personality Edit

GasterBlook is a Determined,Funny,and talented boy.

He sometimes says that he can be capable of anything.

Instagraming📱 Edit

He has 312 posts,133 followers,and 216 following. Gaster gain 53.2 followers per minute and posts 124.8 mins.

He does Commentary/Polls/Quotes/And edits.

(See his insta here:

Content making Edit

He makes content such as gaming and etc'

As shown in the picture(Top right): he is holding his phone.

Just Dancing Edit

He is a King of JD 2018 and beats Hailey but kinda wins.

Overall Edit

He wears a Black shirt,Blue shorts,and Blue shoes

He sometimes changes.

Relationship Edit

GB is one of the boys that doesn't have a crap about being bad at Fortnite.

Bobo and Creepy Edit

GB often get along with Creepy and Bobo.

Toad Edit

He often not get along with toad because of her attitude.

Trivia Edit

His name "Ernie" in Chinese is 厄尼/È ní

  • Japanese:アーニー/Ānī

His favorite color is Blue

His favorite and lucky number is 8

His favorite sound effect is DUN DUN DUNNN: